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Maintain Oral Health with Cocoa Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is the name of the game in dentistry. From daily brushing and flossing at home to your regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings in our office, the objective is to stop dental problems before they begin.

At your regular checkups, the professionals at Advanced Dental Care in Cocoa, Florida, conduct a detailed examination of your mouth. We look for cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease, evaluate your existing dental work, and check your bite.

Our primary objective at Advanced Dental Care is to assist our patients in achieving optimum oral health. Preventive care services are geared to keep your smile beautiful for many years to come!

With this in mind, we offer the following preventive dentistry services at our Cocoa dental practice:

  • Cleaning/Proper Hygiene
  • Dental Sealants
  • Regular Checkups
  • Patient Education
  • Snore Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Mouth Guards
  • Bad Breath Treatment

Dental Cleanings & Hygiene

A clean mouth is a healthy mouth. Millions of bacteria call your mouth home. Some of these bacteria are helpful in digestion, but any bacteria can be problematic if allowed to overgrow. That’s why daily oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings at Advanced Dental Care are so important. When you brush and floss, you wash away food particles, excess bacteria and plaque, a clear and sticky film that can accumulate along the gum line, leading to periodontal disease. During a dental cleaning, one of our dental hygienists will use a special rotary brush to clean and polish your teeth, as well as hand held instruments to remove plaque and bits of tartar, which is calcified plaque.

Dental Examination

Another important component of your six-month dental checkup is the examination. Both the hygienist and dentist will probe you teeth to find soft spots in the enamel that may indicate the beginning of a cavity. Annual digital x-rays are also recommended in order to spot decay between teeth. If you are susceptible to tooth decay, your Cocoa, FL dentist may suggest dental sealants to guard your teeth against the bacteria that lead to cavities.

We'll also measure the depth of gum pockets—a measurement greater than four millimeters can be a sign of gum disease, a bacterial infection that may not only devastate your gums and teeth, but the underlying bone structure, too.

Protecting Your Teeth

Several types of oral appliances can be custom crafted to protect your teeth as well as your health. For sleep apnea, a snore guard is an excellent alternative to a bulky CPAP machine. Worn nightly, this comfortable oral appliance positions your lower jaw and tongue to allow for easier breathing.

Also worn during sleep is a night guard. If you grind your teeth at night, this sturdy appliance prevents your upper and lower teeth from touching. Without a night guard, there is not only the annoying sound of teeth grinding to contend with, but this nocturnal habit may also lead to abnormally worn teeth or tooth sensitivity.

Finally, a mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment for the athletes in your family. When made to measure, these offer comfortable protection for teeth, gums, lips and tongue during sports. And there is now indication that a mouth guard may also lessen the likelihood of concussion or at least reduce the severity if one occurs.

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At Advanced Dental Care, we provide preventive services for our dentistry patients in Cocoa, Port St. John, and Titusville. Contact us today for your appointment!